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    Sparking teenagers with the power of entrepreneurial skills and spirit. That’s what the World Series of Entrepreneurship is all about. And now in its second year, we’ve provided a springboard for so many amazing kids, empowering them to discover and show what they’re capable of doing.

    Brandlift got involved while this competitive pitch series was still a vision being formulated in the mind of founder (and serial entrepreneur himself) Mark Greenberg. Our challenge was to take the raw elements of a promising concept and craft the identity and story to move diverse audiences spanning the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We had to attract students, of course—but also school leaders, teachers, parents/guardians, and investors, as well as volunteers from the business community to serve as mentors, judges, and other critical support roles.

    With kids at the center of the mission, though, it had to be fun! Bright, positive, and broad in its appeal to all students. It all started there.

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    Brandlift is a boutique strategy and communications firm outside Philly.

    We help organizations resonate with target audiences—shaping their brand voice, amplifying their story, and elevating their reputation, reach, and performance.

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