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    Every organization reaches a crossroads.

    Some get stage fright. Others seize the opportunity to shine.

    Each of our client’s personality, story, and purpose are as unique as their leaders’ fingerprints. Yet they all share something critical: the courage to capitalize on these occasional inflection points.


    pick the right partner

    Are you expanding into a new market? Introducing a new product? Launching a venture? Courting investors? Countering a competitive threat? Evolving under new leadership?

    Or maybe you’re just sensing the need to update and refine.

    Put your best foot forward. We’ll make sure you’re ready.


    Our name was inspired by one simple belief:

    An effective brand =
    the rising tide that lifts all ships

    So yeah, we lift brands. But it’s more about brands lifting organizations

    Founded in 2008, we’re fortunate to work with a wide range of driven clients—from publicly traded financial firms, to national non-profits, to edtech and sustainability startups, to VIP summits, to family-run manufacturing companies.

    They rely on us to contribute strategic creativity—perspective and ideas that balance intellect, intuition, and soul.

    We’re influenced by deep professional experience, a profound love of music, attraction to clever advertising and design, gritty devotion to our hometown sports teams, and hunger to help clients raise their game.

    In Brand Discovery, we ask new clients the best compliment they ever received. Ours? The first time we were told by a client that we helped him look differently at his own business.

    We’ve heard that same sentiment on numerous occasions since. Never gets old.

    Brandlift is a boutique strategy and communications firm outside Philly.

    We help organizations resonate with target audiences—shaping their brand voice, amplifying their story, and elevating their reputation, reach, and performance.

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