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    ASU+GSV Summit / 2020 Vision

    Coming off a third successful annual event, GSV—the principal producer of the ASU GSV Education Innovation Summit—aimed to leverage the conference’s reputation in order to elevate the experience and impact, as well as to position the enterprise for short- and long-term growth.

    Our challenge was to evolve the Summit’s branding and “ownership” (without offending key partners), galvanized by a deep, dynamic website with flexibility to enable frequent updates, plus various phases surrounding the event’s life cycle. In addition, we directed supplemental efforts: tactical campaigns (advertising, emails) to promote speakers, agenda details, registration, award nominations, on-site activities, and other programming highlights. We also had oversight of brand standards, assets, and features, as well as technical tools and data to enable production partners to integrate diverse components of the overall experience.

    Over the next several years, we were able to effectively…

    — Shift visibility + “credit” from ASU (event partner) to GSV (event producer)

    — Create an online communications platform to present more + deeper web content while conveying an elite, sophisticated brand

    — Enable ongoing content + conversations, rather than just a 3-day “episodic” event

    — Enable rich dynamic content via customized CMS capabilities

    — Complement a core web presence with cohesive tactical outreach + memorable on-site experience

    — Drive key event + business metrics for strong year-over-year growth

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