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    Modernizing Campus Technology. Simplifying Campus Life.

    The gang at rSmart is fun. They’re bright, full of energy and personality.

    Their team (known as “rSmarties”) gives out Smarties candy every chance they get. The company was an “overnight success, eight years in the making,” they used to joke.

    rSmart’s products are fresh, clever, user-friendly, and dependable. But for too long, the brand wasn’t reflecting the vibrant, playful essence they wanted to be known for.

    Our first go-around with our friends in Scottsdale revamped the voice, look-and-feel, and primary sales touchpoints. We kicked it up a few notches. And we helped crystallize the brand strategy to clear up the market’s confusion between the name of the company and its single product. The assignment required a deft sensibility—capturing rSmart’s lighthearted side while still appealing to their notoriously conservative higher ed buyers.

    And when the company was gearing up to introduce new products to complement its flagship solution, our team was instrumental in helping articulate the brand’s evolved positioning, as well as launching new communications tactics to accelerate new opportunities and future growth.

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