Growth is about great leaps

Magical things happen when you cross facts and analysis with the sparks of imaginative thinking. History is full of examples: the discovery of America, electricity, a man on the moon—and the amazing devices we still call "phones."

Breakthrough brands have that magic—balancing sharp strategic focus with bold, expressive hooks to produce an uplifting force. They shape audiences' feelings and behaviors. And boost businesses' operational and financial progress.

Who We Are back to top

Business savvy blending
with soulful artistry

Brandlift is a boutique marketing agency in Philadelphia. We humanize companies and products. And design communications programs that have a lifting effect on clients' image and performance.

People tell us we have an uncommon ability to balance strategic and analytical thinking with imaginative and artistic expression. Of course, they usually just say, "You get it!"

  • Our name comes from the belief that smart brands represent the rising tide that lifts all ships.

  • Our clients are growth-oriented companies that value crisp, evocative communications.

  • We believe simple, truthful, and unexpected marketing is what resonates.

  • We're a fountain of senior-level insights, clever ideas, proven methodologies—and plenty of energy.

What We Do back to top

Valuable insights + communications =
"creative capital"

Mad Men's Don Draper is a fictional character—
from the 1960s, no less—but he knows the key to effective marketing: "Success is related to standing out, not fitting in." It's as true today as ever.

So we challenge executives and entrepreneurs to have the courage to separate themselves from the ordinary. To raise their standards and push their comfort zones. To analyze the opportunity...and then leap!

Fusing left- and right-brain thinking, we're able to pinpoint each company's essence—distilling, prioritizing, and articulating what's most important—then amplify it with personality and purposeful storytelling.

Investing in creative capital, Brandlift clients get a lift in clarity, distinction, alignment, and inspiration.

Unified, substantive + focused identity + competitive positioning
Uniquely expressive + recognizable communications
Marketing efforts + investment tied directly to business objectives
A shared sense of pride, purpose + excitement for the company's values, capabilities + future

Our Services

We deliver...

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Systems
  • Websites + Features
  • Brochures + Collateral
  • Digital Platforms + Applications
  • Integrated (On/Offline) Campaigns
  • Advertising

Truth is, our services aren't a fit for everyone. We're suited to the ones who dare to be different and are ready to invest in a long-term foundation for growth.

Our Work back to top

Brandlift clients attract more of the customers they want—armed with more focus, more flavor, more resources + more confidence



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